Social Development Strategy (SDS) Workshop

Deliverables for this project are used with the client's permission. Content and design are not subject to an NDA.

The Client

  • A county-level organization in Utah that provides behavioral and mental health services and education to children, families, and school communities

  • Provides in-person and online workshops to parents, teachers, and school counselors

The Problem

  • Facilitators who teach the Social Development Strategy (SDS) workshop throughout the state lacked standardized workshop materials

  • Existing materials had been highly personalized and incompletely designed by one facilitator, rendering the materials unusable by other facilitators

  • Existing PowerPoint lacked a professional, consistent look

  • Design of the existing workshop lacked learner engagement and participation

  • Existing SDS framework graphic represented key concepts ineffectively

The Business Goal

  • Develop and distribute standardized, professional-looking workshop materials, incorporating a new SDS framework graphic throughout, to SDS workshop facilitators throughout Davis County and the state of Utah

The Solution

  • Ideate and mock-up a new SDS framework graphic to be developed by a graphic designer

  • Design and develop a 1.5-hour interactive, engaging ILT workshop for two audiences: parents and school community members. It is anticipated that 20-30 people will attend each workshop

  • Create a PowerPoint, facilitator's guide, and participant workbook using a consistent look and design, incorporating the new custom graphics throughout all deliverables

My Role

  • Client-facing instructional designer

  • Developed the PowerPoint, facilitator's guide, and participant workbook

  • Created a graphic mockup and design plan for the graphic designer

  • Collaborated with the graphic designer on custom graphics

Detailed Design Document

Davis ILT Workshop Design Document.pdf

Mock-up and Plan for the Graphic Designer

Davis Plan for Graphic Designer.pdf

PowerPoint Presentation

SDS PowerPoint MASTER PDF.pdf

Facilitator's Guide

SDS Facilitator Guide MASTER PDF.pdf

Participant Workbook

SDS Participant Workbook MASTER PDF.pdf