About Me


I am a skilled learning experience designer who purposefully designs and develops engaging learning solutions to achieve desired learning outcomes, solve problems, and reach business goals. I choose tools carefully, select learning modalities intentionally, and deploy learning resources strategically. Most recently, I have applied these skills to designing and developing for adult learners. Additionally, I have ten years of classroom instruction experience, a Master’s degree in Education with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction, and a keen eye for detail.


Notes of Praise

"Brenda is a thoughtful & exceptional instructional designer and her skills were a major asset during a recent medical education project for a client. She is analytical and detail-oriented, which was clear regardless if she was storyboarding, writing questions, developing Storyline interactions, developing e-learning in Rise, or reviewing the course content. I would jump at the chance to work with her or hire her again."

Angie Shertzer
Sr. Instructional Design Consultant

"Brenda is a talented instructional designer whose help was absolutely essential to the success of the projects she assisted us on. She was always on schedule, took feedback seriously, and delivered outstanding work quality. It was a pleasure to work with her."

Nicholas Soldatenko, owner
eLearning Company

"Brenda worked on an e-learning project with me as contractor. After a lively interview, I immediately felt her enthusiasm and had confidence in her ability to jump in and participate. In only a few short weeks, she was deeply engaged, came up to speed with the project, took feedback well, and offered her own insights. She was a self-starter, completing several e-learning sessions with me as a mentor, after which she was hired as a contractor by the organization to continue the project on her own. She was a pleasure to work with, and I would highly recommend her to anyone needing someone with competence, confidence, and creativity in the world of e-learning."

Natasha Salvo, contractor
Raising Voices

We worked with Brenda to create a workshop and couldn't be more excited about how it turned out! Throughout the whole process, she was organized and communicated well. She let us know up front how the whole process would unfold and kept to deadlines. She took it upon herself to learn what we were trying to teach in the workshop and asked us questions that helped us dig into the material in a way we hadn't before. I was so impressed with the way she balanced sharing her expertise and eliciting our feedback in a way that we feel gave us the best final product. I definitely recommend her and would love to work with her again in the future!

Jess Bigler Brewer, Prevention Specialist
Davis Behavioral Health